My new sewing studio.

I teach sewing. You might already know this..? I have been struggling with finding a venue that ticks all the boxes for a (too) long while now. Finally this February I found this fabulous basement space at the Deaf connections building here in Glasgow. Huge sturdy tables for the sewing machines and an enormous separate room with cutting tables (and a fish tank!) Enough for each student to have their own for each class which is such a luxury. I am so excited to get back into the teaching game again.

I had the amazing David Muir visiting my last class and he took some fab photos I want to show you.

Loads of upcoming classes, check out my webpage if you want find your new favourite hobby.



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The D.I.Y $ 0.99 outfit!

I always a have a nagging feeling that I should be sewing on a Sunday. It is (usually) my day off and I want to make myself something. Spending the bulk of my week (read life) making things for others, I have a shockingly small amount of clothes in my own wardrobe that I have made myself… I think because usually when time and energy presents itself at the same time I have no inspiration. So, to inspire myself to get up from the sofa and in to the sewing room, here is a wee fun outfit for no monies (well almost) for you to sink your teeth into.

Top: the Sorbetto from Colette patterns. A free download that I think is such a great wee pattern. There are loads of add-ons out there for collars and sleeves so you will never get board of the Sorbetto.

Sorbetto top

Skirt: the Kasia skirt from Burda patterns. The Burda online pattern store is so handy. I have had an account with them for a few years now and as soon as you bought a pattern you can download it again and again. Super! They have some free ones and when you have to part with your money it is usually never more then $5.99 so great prices. You can chose to print out at home (so you can start sewing ASAP) or download and get it printed on larger paper at the printers. It is so much easier than you think. This stunning skirt is an absolute bargain for $0.99! It is an intermediate pattern, but a good first step up if you see yourself as a beginner still. It is just that it is so many parts.

Kasia skirt from Burda Patterns

And to top this outfit off, I think you need a wee clutch bag. Don’t you? There are a few free online pattern a out there, but one of my favourites are from sewing blogger See Kate Sew. Check her blog out for loads of great tutorials and a bunch of free patterns.

Clutch bag from See Kate Sew

Clutch bag from See Kate Sew

So, get out of the sofa and into your sewing room and have a look at that pile of amazing fabrics you bought just because 1) it was in the sale 2) it was to amazing to just walk past 3) you bought for a specific project but then changed your mind. I know you have some great fabric waiting for you in the workroom.

I’m away to make myself a wee clutch now.

Happy sewing Sunday!

XxX Jennie

Are we ready for season 3 of the Great British Sewing Bee?

Well hello and welcome to my brand new blog. (It’s about time I say)

Going to jump straight in and let’s talk about the great British Sewing Bee. Season 3 is just around the corner and I know that most of us are at the edge of our seats.

gret british sewing be

If you have no idea what it is I’m talking about, the Great British Sewing Bee is the BBC2 spin-off of the Great British Bake Off. Amateur sewers from all walks of life get the chance to prove their skills on national TV, doing loads of fun sewing challenges. The winner gets the honour (I think, I actually don’t know if there is a winning prize but I feel like it doesn’t need to be in this competition.)It is the TV show that finally made sewing cool again. Maybe that is taking it a bit too far, but it has definitely made sewing the new IT thing and now we can’t get enough.

I love it!

I will admit that I don’t watch every episode, I don’t find the show itself to my taste (never been a fan of reality TV, except Eurovision Song Contest but that is a story for another time.) But I do love that the show have done for sewing just what Oasis did for the guitar in the 90’s. Everyone wants to have a go! And that makes me love the show. Sewing is for everyone and there is more than one way to make a dress, some dresses last longer than others, but these are things you learn by trying again and again.

So if sewing is something you have been thinking of giving a go, do! And check out season 3 of the Great British Sewing Bee this spring. Not announced start dates yet, but here is the wee trailer for the season.